Ocean of Roses®

Thoruplund has now started with the production and  sale of their brand new ‘Ocean of Roses’ series in 10,5 cm pots. The stunning new varieties have been selected and tested in close cooperation between Thoruplund and the Danish breeder Queen® Genetics, with the objective to set new quality standards in Rose breeding.

Selection criteria when cultivating new crops:

  • Well documented improved longevity and ornamental value
  • Well documented high level of ethylene resistance
  • Cultivation with reduced need for chemical growth regulation, leading to improved keeping quality
  • High resistance to mildew and low water consumption
  • Optimal plant quality, throughout the season; also early spring and late autumn, as well as production in warm climates or harsh winter conditions.
  • Large, luxurious flowers in vibrant long lasting colors

Ocean of Roses®

Actual assortment

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