Airpack ™

The revolutionary new pot plant packaging which is minimising in-store waste

The newly developed packing significantly increases shelf life in-store by at least 6 extra days before the plants need watering This is further enhanced by protection against ethylene and closed packaging. In brief, this is what you get with a brand new patented pending sales packaging for pot plants from Gartneriet Thoruplund.

Gartneriet Thoruplund sends out several thousand pot plants onto the European market every day. These include Campanula Ocean, Rosa Infinity and more into which months of work and resources have been invested to ensure they are of the highest quality.

On many occasions, you can go into a lot of supermarkets and feel disappointment at the sight of so many dried out
and dead pot plants which will end up being wasted. This situation is a blow to our professional pride, and it is also
not good for the store’s bottom line – nor, importantly, the environment. So the nursery’s R& D department set about
finding a solution to help keep the plants fresher for longer.

Drying out and ethylene are the pot plant’s greatest enemies in-store
AirPack™ protects against drying out and ethylene, which is a harmful substance that can be present in the air in close proximity to fruit and vegetables. This makes AirPack™ a revolutionary solution.
A sales packaging material where the plant is completely enclosed in film has not been an option until now, since
that would block off the natural exchange of gases and moisture. The plants would quite simply suffocate in hermetically sealed packaging.

This was one nut we just had to crack! Our experienced growers are full of good ideas and worked intensively with
leading researchers on this project over a long period. The result was AirPack™, which both breaks new ground
within the sector and is a great boost for the environment.

AirPack™ – a sustainable solution for the environment and good for business too
Airpack™ is recyclable, which is sealed closed and protects against drying out and ethylene but also uses the patented pending packing method to allow the plant to breathe.
Testing has additionally shown that when in the AirPack™, Rosa Infinity and Campanula Ocean last for a minimum of 6 days longer in-store before they need watering as compared with a traditional open sleeve. At the same time, the AirPack™ protects the plants against microbiological diseases and pests and they are also more hygienic for customers to take home.

We have great expectations of AirPack™ and are looking forward to seeing how this innovation is received by the buyers at IPM in Essen. It is high time for sustainable solutions and for focusing on eliminating unnecessary waste, and here AirPack™ fits right into a sustainable store profile.

  • New packaging for longer life
  • New breathable protection for longer life
  • Less waste more flowers
  • Minimum 6 days longer shelf life in the shop

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