The history about Gartneriet Thoruplund

Gartneriet Thoruplund nursery was founded in 1946 by Sigurd Andersen, who started out producing vegetables outdoors. He later moved on from vegetables to cut flower production.

His son, Jørgen K. Andersen, took over the nursery in 1974 and began potted plant production of Schlumbergera, Campanula and Rhipsalidopsis in a production area of around 3,000 m2. These cultures are still the nursery’s main types.

The nursery production area has grown since then to 39,000 m2 of greenhouses which was increased from 1 January 2012 by 17,000 m2 through the multi-year lease of the Dania nursery. We at Gartneriet Thoruplund have, over the years, worked intensely on the development of our main cultures. Today the majority of the genetics used in production have been developed by us in-house. These are marketed under the brands Campanula ‘Blue Ocean’® and Thor-Cactus®. The focus in this development is quality, shelf life and new colours.

A new generation is today in the process of taking over and the twins Bodil and Jacob, who co-own the nursery, are both devoting all their energies to their individual areas of responsibility, Bodil being responsible for sales and Jacob for production.

Pictures of Thoruplund and the many experiences

These pictures are of different events from Gartneriet Thoruplund’s history presented in no particular sequence. There are pictures of Poul Schlüter who visited the nursery while he was Prime Minister and there are pictures from national and international exhibitions we have participated in.

There have been fires at the nursery, buildings have been both built and demolished and coal-fired heating and later combined heat and power have been installed. The twins have grown up and spent their time in the nursery and are fortunately still here.

Enjoy the pictures. . .