Bodil Clara Johansen

CEO – Managing director

Administration and sale

Ph.: +45 63 10 04 54
Mobile: +45 23 66 74 47


About Bodil:

Together with my twin brother, I’m the third generation at Thoruplund, where we were born and grew up. Today I live in the Center of Odense together with my husband, our son and twins.  I love my garden, holidays with my family and a cozy time with my friends. My hobby is flowers for houses and residential décor. If I had a super power, I would like to have twice as many hours per day.

Jacob M.B. Andersen

COO -Production director


Ph.: +45 63 10 04 52
Mobile: +45 23 47 16 23


About Jacob:

I live the South-East of Odense not so far away from the nursery, together with my wife and two children. For many years I have been a fan of OB and I must say that’s a tough experience. Otherwise, my best time is when I’m on vacation together with my family and in a cozy mood with my friends. My motto: If you want it – do it! If I had a super power, Denmark would be the World Champion in Football.

Lars Kreutzmann

Sales Manager


Ph.: +45 63 10 04 59
Mobile: +45 23 66 74 53


About Lars:

I’m a trueborn son of Odense. I live in the South-East of Odense close to the nursery. I fill like a fish in the water when the garden is prepared for the spring, in the spinning room and when the family and I go south for the holiday. If I have a super power, I would turn water into wine.

Karin Clemmensen

Projectcoordinator – MPS

Sale youngplants and Quality Management

Ph.: +45 63 10 04 51
Mobile: +45 29 28 46 30


About Karin:

Original  I’m from Hillerød, Zealand, but for 44 years I have lived in the Funnen capital Odense. My favorite place is in front of my sewing machine with the most delicious piece of fabric between the hands, creating the most beautiful piece of clothing. My favorite drink is Gin and Tonic. If I had super power, I would like to be a shapeshifter.

Jørgen K. Andersen

R&D Manager

Development and breeding

Ph.: +45 63 10 04 58
Mobile:+45 21 42 22 30


About Joergen:

I was born at Thoruplund in 1947 and I’m still living here. It’s the most beautiful place on earth with a rich fauna of both animals and birds. My motto: Never done – always on my way!  If I had a super power, I would like to be a 100 years and with good health.

Erik Eriksen

Head of Department


Ph.: +45 21 42 22 04

Mobil: +45 23 66 74 53

About Erik:

I live in Allested-Vejle, close to Dania, one of the departments of Thoruplund, together with my wife.
I’m really happy when I’m on a hike in the nature. If I had superpower, I would turn water into wine.

Marianne Jensen


Financial / Accounting

Ph.: +45 63 10 04 56

Mobil: +45 23 66 74 53

About Marianne:

I was born and live in Odense. Singing makes me happy and I love a nice hike in the beautiful nature together with family and friends. I wish I had a super power that could change people’s negative thoughts into positive.

Jan Uglebjerg Storm

Sourcing controller

Ph.: +45 23 66 74 56

Mobil: +45 23 66 74 53

About Jan:

I’m 59 years old and I love to travel. I’m an angler, a hurter and a sailor. The best time of the year is when the boat is launched. If I had a super power, (and the boat was suitable) I would sail out into the great world.

Claus Hedelund Jensen

Head of Department 2

Tlf.: +45 60 38 84 40

Mobil: +45 23 66

About Claus:

I was born in Stige with dirt under my nails, as 4th generation in a family of growers. I love everything from a cold day on skis in Norway to a stormy day at the Western sea in Denmark. I live in the South of Funnen with my family, were I enjoy to spend my free time hunting and long hikes in the wood together with my dog. Good meals and a glass of red wine is also a very good thing. If I had a super power, I would make sure that the temperature couldn’t riser any more on our planet.

Torben Nielsen

Quality Control

Tlf.: +45 30 12 80 18

 E-mail: tn@thoruplund.dkMobil: +4 23 66

About Torben:

I was born and grew up on the island of Funen where I live in a village called Marslev together with my wife and our dog. Our 2 children are grown up and has moved away from home. In my spare time I love to be in my garden with the free view over the fields. I put on the running shoes several times every week. Holidays and weekend tours with family and friends are highly prioritized and are really enjoyed.

If I had super power I would provide peace in the whole world.