Over a number of years Thoruplund has participated actively in the international environmental corporation MPS. You can read more here. Our MPS number is 760066.

Thoruplund is continuously audited and we have these certificates:

  • MPS-GAP is an extension on the MPS-system where GAP means “Good Agricultural Practice. We are certified in class A and approved as a MPS-GAP nursery. MPS-GAP focuses on environment and traceability.
  • MPS-ABC evaluates the production based on amount of waste, consumption of fertilizer, energy and use of pesticides.
  • MPS-SQ (Socially qualified) proves that product from Thoruplund are produced under good working conditions, comprising various health, security and employment regulations.
  • GLOBAL GAP/GRASP certificates documents that Thoruplund complies with all international conventions. Please see the website: Our GGN number is 4049928145475, here you can see our certifications.

Thoruplund demands that our partners and sub suppliers participates in the MPS-system. Therefor our joint ventures in Vietnam and Turkey are MPS certified.





GGN: 4049928145475

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