Optimization of energy for heating and electricity

Optimization of energy for heating

Over the past 20 years we have been working on reducing our heat consumption. We have invested in to layers of isolating screen, a new system for climate control for optimal control of climate. Furthermore, the greenhouses are isolated were this is possible. These measurements have reduced our heat consumption significantly. For further reduction of our carbon footprint we expect to invest in heat pumps and/or district heating.

Optimization of energy for electricity

Within the past years we have invested in new lamps for artificial lightning in all greenhouses. This investment had reduced the consumption of electric power significantly and has improved efficiency. The new climate control system optimizes the use of artificial lightning. Over the year it is very important that the plants get the right sum of light but also not more. The sum of sunlight over 5-day periods is measured and the amount of artificial light is adjusted accordingly. This means that the plants are exposed to the sum of light needed, not more nor less. The light is turned on when the prices for electric power are low, which is typically when there is a lot of wind and/or solar power available in the power grid. This means that the power used at Thoruplund typically is 65 % solar or wind power.

We are projecting in near future to invest in LED-light, which consumes 40% less energy to supply the same amount of light compared to traditional light. LED-light provides the opportunity to target the light for the vegetative phase as for the generative phase of the growing cycle. LED-light can also be useful when it comes to regulating the height of the plants.