Campanula ‘Ocean’®

    Now in 3 colours

    Campanula has been one of Gartneriet Thoruplund’s main cultures since 1974. Campanula is a perennial which originates from south European mountains. It has, through intense development work, been cultivated into a pot plant. Campanula is sold both as an outdoor and indoor pot plant. It is ideal to be planted in the garden after having flowered (has no problem surviving the winter).

    Campanula Ocean® – now in 3 colours

    We introduce three new clones of Campanula ‘Ocean. They are named :

    – White ‘Ocean’®, Blue ‘Ocean’® og Deep Blue ‘Ocean’®

    They represent a huge step forward for our nursery. The new clones are produced in a more sustainable way as 60 % less environmentally damaging materials are used. The plants are very compact with a very good budding, a long shelf life and are winter hardy – that’s our guarantee.

    Our rating in the MPS-system is very high and we are classified as a nursery in level “A”.  Under production and the environment you can see more.

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