The environment has a very high priority

At Gartneriet Thoruplund the environment has a very high priority and we work continuously to find improvements including energy savings. Therefore Gartneriet Thoruplund extensively uses biologic pest control methods, rain water, water and fertilizer recirculation.

Gartneriet Thoruplund is certified by the MPS international environmental cooperation as an A-nursery and is also certified a MPS-GAP nursery. Read more here

MPS-GAP is a supplement to the MPS system, GAP standing for ‘Good Agricultural Practice’. MPS evaluates production based on aspects such as waste volumes, energy and pesticide consumption.

MPA-GAP also assesses the environment and places much greater focus on the working environment and employee conditions.

In January 2017 we  became MPS SQ (Socially Qualified). This certificate proves that products from Thoruplund are produced under good working conditions, which include various health, safety and employment conditions.