Vision, mission and values


The vision of Thoruplund is to be an international production- and sales company which through uniformity in quality strives to be the buyers of Europe’s first choice as far as our assortment is concerned – an assortment focusing on the end consumer’s need for home decorations both for the garden and indoors with flowering plants representative of the trends of the time.


We will through a streamlined control of production and an effective supply chain create value for all through the chain for the benefit of the consumer’s needs for flowering plants. We succeed by:

  • Close partnerships with our international (partners) joint ventures
  • Effective planning and quality control
  • Novelty focused product development
  • A streamlined production focusing on quality and keepability
  • Involvement of our clients in a close and confidential cooperation
  • Optimized logistics both internally as well as externally.


This is the values of Thoruplund

1. Dynamic

Our dynamic behavior, drive and far-seeing is well known. This is the force of our company.

2. Development

We are developing unique products, which makes us attractive at the market and with our branding we inspire.

3. Value of creation

We optimize the profits of our customers through quality, deliveries on time, minimum waste and service of high quality.

4. Family

We stand for stability through three generations since 1946, and a deal is a deal.

5. Responsibility

We show a lot of responsibility towards our employees and the environment through our actions – it all about how you treat human and plants.