100 % recyclable plastic

At Thoruplund we are only using pots made of 100% recyclable plastic from consumers. (PCR-material) and types of plastic which afterwards can be handled both mechanically and manual in the recycling of waste.

For transport and handling of our products we use vacuum molded trays, where we offer customers the choice between:

  • Vacuum molded trays made of PCR-materials (recycling plastic from consumers)
  • Vacuum molded trays made of PE (Poly ethylene). (Recycling plastic from consumers and industry.

As a new initiative we are working at being able to offer trays manufactured from natural fibers provided these are sustainable.

We are constantly working towards packing which protect the quality and extend the shelf life of our products. It is very important for us to find sorts of packing which are sustainable and will contribute to minimize waste. We aim for using recyclable packing and we have improved the design of our different kinds of packing so that they are easier to handle in recycling.

We also offer our customers paper sleeves if they want to reduce the use of plastic, but our aim in future is to be able to offer plastic sleeves made from recyclable plastic as these are much more sustainable.